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awesome personality very serious about his work very serious about surgery very serious about recovery I absolutely love him and I feel he's the very best.

0on Facebook,Mar 14, 2020

Dulce Chio

He has been there throughout my entire journey. Ups and downs. Forever grateful !

5on Google,Mar 10, 2020


Dr. Kukreja was very honest, personable, knowledgeable, and did exactly what he said he would do. My procedure worked and I am feeling much better. I am able to eat now without tremendous pain. My acid reflux has even dissipated.I had my procedure for hernia repair on February 24, 2020 and returning to work two weeks afterwards. The pain after surgery was almost nothing. Just soreness in the stomach area.Dr. Kukreja told me that the results may only last for five years. If it comes back I will readily go back and have it re-done. I would highly recommend Dr. Kukreja for this procedure.

0on Facebook,Mar 05, 2020

Jennifer Ann

I was referred to Dr. Kukreja by my amazing gastroenterologist after another surgeon suggested my only hope for a "normal" life was a feeding tube to prevent my reflux. Dr. K knew that my body was full of unique challenges and was open to how best to approach this situation. He discussed all of my choices thoroughly prior to surgery and we had a full game plan for what to do in the OR, depending on what he found inside. LINX Surgery went great...and then, well, that unique body of mind did something spectacularly weird. As soon as I didn't feel right, my first call was Dr. K's office. His staff scheduled me immediately for testing at a location convenient to my home and soon we knew that I had really gone off track. He immediately took me to the OR, fixed my weird issue, and I'm doing amazing with my new magnetic LINX! He also took time to reach out to other surgeons to discuss the complication. Totally me, not him!!! In the end, my body presented challenges, Dr. K fixed them, and I'm back to margaritas and tacos!

5on Healthgrades,Mar 02, 2020


Dr. Kukreja is very professional. He took the time to explain all options for a hernia repair. I recommend this doctor.

5on Google,Mar 01, 2020


Dr. K. is very professional. Takes time to answer questions. no issues!. I fully recommend this doctor.

0on Facebook,Feb 25, 2020


Dr K is one of the most sincere Doctors I have ever seen. I have no issues at all since my surgery and I cannot recommend him enough.

0on Facebook,Feb 25, 2020


Dr.K really explains everything to and the staff is wonderful. He's so thoughtful and kind. He really cares about his patients.

5on Healthgrades,Feb 25, 2020


My experience has been great !!! I did my research on who I would pick as my surgeon, and I chose Dr. Kukreja. My entire experience has been great from my very first consult to my post op, my surgery was awesome, no pain, not even gas pain, his staff is phenomenal, especially Melody. I give him 5 stars !!!

0on Facebook,Feb 24, 2020


I did my research before choosing a surgeon and he was the surgeon I trusted with my life. My journey has been great, no pain, not even gas pain, was up and out on day 2 post op. Looking forward to my future.

5on Google,Feb 21, 2020


Dr. Kukreja is a excellent doctor. He cares for his patients well being. He comes and check on you. I was out of state & experience some serious problems & he did a awesome job taking care of the problem that I had. His staff is excellent as well. Thank youDenise B.

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All the Resource information you need to make a healthy informed decision. .

5on Google,Feb 10, 2020


Dr. Kukreja and his staff are great. The staff is very friendly and Dr. Kukreja was great at answering all the questions i had. I was very confident in his knowledge/abilities and am happy I chose him for the procedure.

0on Facebook,Jan 30, 2020


Dr K is the best. I'm so grateful for my tool. Loving my new me.

5on Healthgrades,Jan 28, 2020


Dr.K is the best he changed my life for the better. He takes the time to answer any questions you make have his staff is amazing and super friendly. His medical assistant Melody is the best! I highly recommend

0on Facebook,Jan 23, 2020


Very happy with Dr.Kukreja & his staff ! I have been telling everyone about how well my procedure went ( ESG ) losing the weight & I feel so much better! Best dr. For weight loss !!!!

5on Google,Jan 23, 2020


The more I read about the ESG procedure, the more I knew this was the type of weight loss surgery I’ve been waiting for. Because it’s non surgical & less chances of infections , plus it’s out patient which means I can go home or to my hotel afterwards. I started my search close to home which is Okla. & Dallas Texas seem to be where you can find this type of weight loss , my Niece Melissa R. lives in Dallas & knows a lot of the doctors due to her job , so I connected with her & she told me about DR. Kukreja & his team , I called & they got things going, Very friendly staff & Dr. Kukreja explained everything to me about the procedure & about my new healthy diet to follow with . I never had any pain at all & now I’m 18 day out lost 19lbs , feeling great ! So very grateful to Dr. Kukreja for a new healthy lifestyle & body 😃 no regrets at all !

5on Healthgrades,Jan 18, 2020


I had gastric sleeve with Dr. Kukreja and have not had any problems. I was up and able to take care of myself within a few days. I was not that sore after the surgery other than the gas minimum gas pain. I would recommend to everyone for surgery.

5on Google,Jan 14, 2020


So glad to have chosen Dr.K to do my procedure. Had a excellent overall experience with him and his staff. If you choose him for a procedure you can know you are in great hands.- Kaleb E

5on Healthgrades,Jan 10, 2020


I had Gastric Sleeve. Dr Kukjeja was awesome. I had almost no pain.

0on Facebook,Jan 06, 2020


Im happy I find Dr Kukreja when I tell you he a good doctor understand where you coming from this was my first surgery in I’m happy he was the one to do it thank you for giving me my life back to live again thank you 😊

5on Google,Jan 06, 2020


So thankful to have found Dr. Kukreja! Traveled 5 hours to see him and it was so worth it. 3 weeks post op and so excited about what the future holds.

5on Google,Jan 03, 2020


Had my sleeve done 12/14/2018...was a size 12 to 14 before all of this obese with HTN and prediabetic. Post sleeve- no complications one year later; i am a size 2 to 3, off all my previous meds for HTN, and leading that healthy life. I wasnt big enough for insurance to cover my sleeve so was out of pocket pay. There were a few financial difficulties along the way with some bills the facility billed me. As well as the facility doing the surgery thinking i was skinnier than the average patient having surgery done. But the wonderful office of dr. Kukreja handled all that with ease with no extra burden on me. The staff was always kind to talk to in-person or over the phone. Thanks to minimally invasive surgical associates i had a quick and easy recovery and look cute as a button now =). Able to fit into smaller clothes and control my over eating problems now. I still have full restriction on my stomach, get full quick without any side effects. I never been 127lb all my life, not even as a teenager. Thanks (yours truly, skinny patient).

0on Facebook,Dec 07, 2019


He is a good doctor he go over things with you and very understanding

5on Google,Nov 26, 2019


I feel welcome whenever I enter his office. If you want a doctor that will sit and talk to you, but most of all a doctor that will listen to you and want the best for you in reaching your goal, then I absolutely recommend my doctor: Sachin Kukreja. This man is brilliant and wants the best for his clients. Your visits are never rushed and he is truly an expert in his field. Thank you Dr. Kukreja for accepting me as your patient and thank you for assisting me in my goal towards a healthier life.Michelle Nesbith-Sykes

0on Facebook,Nov 21, 2019


Dr. Kukreja is an exceptional surgeon and a wonderful human being. I was lucky enough to work with him during my training at Methodist Dallas. Not only does he care deeply about each of his patients, but he also treats all colleagues, residents, and other hospital staff with the utmost respect. His skill as a minimally invasive bariatric surgeon is unmatched. He is the kind of surgeon that board-certified trauma surgeons would consult on a difficult surgery, and I have seen him gladly assist even at late hours. In short, if I have a family member or friend who was considering a bariatric operation, I would recommend Dr. Kukreja without hesitation.

5on Healthgrades,Nov 02, 2019


I had concerns regarding weight 27 months after a gastric bypass procedure. Dr. Kukreja reviewed my concerns and was patient and understanding yet candid while addressing my concerns. He explained that my concern was normal. Although I had gain some weight, it was to be expected, however, not enough to be concerned. His assessment, calm demeanor, encouragement and guidance allowed me to reassess my concerns and activate a new basic plan to accomplish the goal which I have set for myself. I’m am grateful for being a patient of Dr. Kukreja as well as the patient care provided by his staff.

0on Facebook,Oct 29, 2019

Kathleen Johnson

I had a gastric sleeve by Dr. Kukreja and I am very pleased. He helped me make an informed decision regarding all my options and I felt so comfortable with my choice. Board certified and excellent at his job, but most importantly you can tell he enjoys his work and helping his patients. Thank you Dr. Kukreja!

0on Facebook,Oct 24, 2019


Great personality! I can't wait to get the ball rolling and have a balloon implanted

5on Google,Oct 03, 2019


I love Dr Kukreja and his staff!! He is so cool.. very knowledgeable... Has great bed side manners and he really does care! His medical assistant Melody is awesome too!!! Always professional and sweet!!! I can't wait to get my surgery!!!!

0on Facebook,Oct 03, 2019

Theresa Pate

He has provided care to me. I had a great experience & he has excellent bed side manners.

5on Google,Oct 02, 2019


Dr. Krukeja has been top-notch and recognized as Best Doctor in his field. My experience has been phenomenal. It's critical that each person does their part to be successful in the process. Rest assured that Dr. K is going to do his best to ensure your success and happiness.

5on Google,Sep 18, 2019


Dr. Kukreja is no other doctor I know. Not only is he good at what he does but he is for the people. He is kind, straight forward, and brings a sense of welcoming during each visitation. He is one of two doctors that I have met that has a great bed side manner. He is always educating himself on new alternatives and studies. His office has a great group of people that work there. Stop by and go see for yourself. After all, you are shopping around for doctors and possible other options. 🙂. Margaret A-V

5on Healthgrades,Sep 15, 2019


Dr. Kukreja is very knowledgeable, personable, caring. He explained everything in terms I could understand, and even made sure my family was comfortable with the decisions. His staff is great as well. Every time I called I was able to get answers immediately. Surgery was a breeze with him and his team! Would recommend him a hundred times over!

5on Healthgrades,Sep 13, 2019


Dr Kukreja has been very helpful and honest with me from the beginning. We were not sure if having the gastric bypass to correct the sleeve would even work, but I can now keep some foods down whereas before I couldn't. I also had a pick line in my arm and I no longer have it nor do I take TPN for the nutrition. The surgery has been a major part of my life, and I thank Dr Kukreja for helping me.

5on Healthgrades,Sep 07, 2019


Dr. Kukreja performed Sleeve Gastrectomy on me in August. My surgery was a success and he has been diligent about checking on his patients. I would highly recommend him for any weight loss procedure. He have me my life back and for that I’m grateful.

5on Google,Sep 07, 2019


Dr. Kukreja gave me my life back. He thoroughly explained what my options were and what needed to be done to be successful. My surgery went well along with his surgical team. I would highly recommend him for weight loss procedure.

0on Facebook,Sep 06, 2019


I absolutely love Dr. Nandivada!! She is very personable and actually takes the time to get to know you and your history. She listens!! She will give you the advice you need to get to your goals, but she will also let you know what you have done incorrectly to get you back on the right track. Which for one I completely appreciate. I travel over 30 miles to see her and will follow her. I believe and trust her!!

5on Healthgrades,Aug 17, 2019


From my very first visit I have had nothing but confidence in Dr. Kukreja. I’m four months post-op. No problems. I highly recommend Dr. Kukreja.

5on Google,Aug 03, 2019


Dr. Kukreja and his staff are so wonderful and kind. I would highly recommend him without hesitation.

5on Healthgrades,Jul 25, 2019


Dr. Kukreja and his staff are simply amazing! They are very friendly, easy to contact and make you feel very welcome. I would highly recommend Dr. Kukreja to everyone.

5on Healthgrades,Jul 21, 2019


Every visit is very pleasant, a very caring doctor and staff. He explained the pros and cons of each procedure... his expertise and guidance has changed my life for the good... I'm so glad our paths crossed... I highly recommend him.

5on Google,Jul 20, 2019


He has the best bedside manners, a very caring doctor...a rare jewel, I would highly recommend him if are serious about getting to a healthy weight....

5on Google,Jul 16, 2019


Dr. Kukreja and his team are amazing. The biggest thing that set him apart from other is that he use to a VA doctor and was able to help me get this surgery through the VA. With out him and his team I would still be waiting on the VA. He is very informative and in my opinion the best Bariatric Surgeon in the DFW area. I would definitely recommend him to anyone seeking to have bariatric surgery.

5on Google,Jul 16, 2019


The office personnel and the Dr were all great! The Dr had me trusting him more in the first 5 minutes. My mind is at ease that he is the Dr for me! Thanks Dr Kukreja!