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5on Google,Oct 03, 2019


I love Dr Kukreja and his staff!! He is so cool.. very knowledgeable... Has great bed side manners and he really does care! His medical assistant Melody is awesome too!!! Always professional and sweet!!! I can't wait to get my surgery!!!!

0on Facebook,Oct 03, 2019

Theresa Pate

He has provided care to me. I had a great experience & he has excellent bed side manners.

5on Google,Oct 02, 2019


Dr. Krukeja has been top-notch and recognized as Best Doctor in his field. My experience has been phenomenal. It's critical that each person does their part to be successful in the process. Rest assured that Dr. K is going to do his best to ensure your success and happiness.

5on Google,Sep 18, 2019


Dr. Kukreja is no other doctor I know. Not only is he good at what he does but he is for the people. He is kind, straight forward, and brings a sense of welcoming during each visitation. He is one of two doctors that I have met that has a great bed side manner. He is always educating himself on new alternatives and studies. His office has a great group of people that work there. Stop by and go see for yourself. After all, you are shopping around for doctors and possible other options. 🙂. Margaret A-V

5on Healthgrades,Sep 15, 2019


Dr. Kukreja is very knowledgeable, personable, caring. He explained everything in terms I could understand, and even made sure my family was comfortable with the decisions. His staff is great as well. Every time I called I was able to get answers immediately. Surgery was a breeze with him and his team! Would recommend him a hundred times over!

5on Healthgrades,Sep 13, 2019


Dr Kukreja has been very helpful and honest with me from the beginning. We were not sure if having the gastric bypass to correct the sleeve would even work, but I can now keep some foods down whereas before I couldn't. I also had a pick line in my arm and I no longer have it nor do I take TPN for the nutrition. The surgery has been a major part of my life, and I thank Dr Kukreja for helping me.

5on Healthgrades,Sep 07, 2019


Dr. Kukreja performed Sleeve Gastrectomy on me in August. My surgery was a success and he has been diligent about checking on his patients. I would highly recommend him for any weight loss procedure. He have me my life back and for that I’m grateful.

5on Google,Sep 07, 2019


Dr. Kukreja gave me my life back. He thoroughly explained what my options were and what needed to be done to be successful. My surgery went well along with his surgical team. I would highly recommend him for weight loss procedure.

0on Facebook,Sep 06, 2019


I absolutely love Dr. Nandivada!! She is very personable and actually takes the time to get to know you and your history. She listens!! She will give you the advice you need to get to your goals, but she will also let you know what you have done incorrectly to get you back on the right track. Which for one I completely appreciate. I travel over 30 miles to see her and will follow her. I believe and trust her!!

5on Healthgrades,Aug 17, 2019


From my very first visit I have had nothing but confidence in Dr. Kukreja. I’m four months post-op. No problems. I highly recommend Dr. Kukreja.

5on Google,Aug 03, 2019


Dr. Kukreja and his staff are so wonderful and kind. I would highly recommend him without hesitation.

5on Healthgrades,Jul 25, 2019


Dr. Kukreja and his staff are simply amazing! They are very friendly, easy to contact and make you feel very welcome. I would highly recommend Dr. Kukreja to everyone.

5on Healthgrades,Jul 21, 2019


Every visit is very pleasant, a very caring doctor and staff. He explained the pros and cons of each procedure... his expertise and guidance has changed my life for the good... I'm so glad our paths crossed... I highly recommend him.

5on Google,Jul 20, 2019


He has the best bedside manners, a very caring doctor...a rare jewel, I would highly recommend him if are serious about getting to a healthy weight....

5on Google,Jul 16, 2019


Dr. Kukreja and his team are amazing. The biggest thing that set him apart from other is that he use to a VA doctor and was able to help me get this surgery through the VA. With out him and his team I would still be waiting on the VA. He is very informative and in my opinion the best Bariatric Surgeon in the DFW area. I would definitely recommend him to anyone seeking to have bariatric surgery.

5on Google,Jul 16, 2019


The office personnel and the Dr were all great! The Dr had me trusting him more in the first 5 minutes. My mind is at ease that he is the Dr for me! Thanks Dr Kukreja!

5on Google,Jun 24, 2019


Dr. K has been a great bariatric physician. I've had multiple options I've taken with him and although the first was not at his recommendation but what I wanted, he obliged. I finally took his recommendation as I should have at the beginning and have been very successful! He is down to earth and does not treat you like a number but as a person which is great. You don't get that feeling that he's in it only because of the money but because he truly wants to help you. I highly recommend him. You won't regret it!

5on Google,Jun 15, 2019


Very personable and down to earth.

0on Facebook,Jun 14, 2019


Great staff!! Dr. K is amazing!! Would definitely recommend if you’re looking for help with weight loss. They offer non-surgical options too!

5on Healthgrades,May 30, 2019


Dr. Kukreja is the best. He and his staff are knowledgeable, efficient, and effective. I highly recommend him.

0on Facebook,May 25, 2019


He is awesome he gave me back my life!! His staff is very friendly. He walks you through everything and is always very supportive, can always call with any questions and get answered. Wish I had known about him years ago

0on Facebook,May 21, 2019


dr k and his staff are amazing!!

5on Google,May 14, 2019


I’ve known Dr. K and his staff for over 2 years. They are such a joy to see when you arrive to the office. He is honest and forthcoming when asked. You don’t want a doc that is going to put you in danger because your a paycheck for a procedure you want someone to tell you the truth whether it not what you want to hear but it’s safer for you and your situation. Dr K and his staff stay in contact and provide so much information to help you be successful and achieve your goals which ever choice you make for yourself. I would and do recommend him to everyone seeking help.

5on Google,May 01, 2019


LOVE Dr. K and his staff. I'm so glad I found them. All my appointments were so easy leading up to surgery. I honestly was so nervous until Dr. K came to talk to me before they took me back to the OP room. Love you all, thank you for everything!!!!

5on Healthgrades,Apr 24, 2019


Professional, personal & expert in his field

5on Google,Apr 09, 2019


This has been a great experience!! Thanks to Dr. K and his staff!! Couldn't have done it without them!!!

0on Facebook,Apr 09, 2019

Kami Marie

Dr. Kukreja did my sleeve surgery on 10/12/17 at the VA Dallas Medical Center. Everything went well and I am happy that he did my surgery.

5on Google,Apr 08, 2019


Dr Kukreja is super fantastic. He is honest, personable, puts you first. He recommends what is best for you. He explains what will be done and after, what was done. He is concerned about you. I am so glad I met him. I thank GOD for him. Thank You Ever So Much!!!!

5on Healthgrades,Apr 02, 2019


Dr. Kukreja cares about that his paitents recieve the best care for their well being. He made sure I fully understood about the procedure and risks associated with it. I full recommend Dr. K as a Bariatric Surgeon

5on Google,Apr 01, 2019


Best doctor ever!!! His staffs are all truly amazing I’m thankful for you all

0on Facebook,Mar 24, 2019

Arti Kapoor

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ He has taken amazing care of my patients and has transformed so many lives

5on Google,Mar 20, 2019


Dr. Kukreja's a wonderful doctor and his staff is extremely pleasant and easy to talk to. Dr. Kukreja put me at ease and made me feel like I matter.

5on Healthgrades,Mar 20, 2019


Excellent doctor , had a great experience , did my gestric balloon done and I’m feeling so good so confident , lost 11 lbs in 12 days , highly reccomand Dr. Kukreja he’s too good , so helpful , pleasant personality , he do miracles I can say , he’s the best ,so far no nausea problem or anything ,feeling great ????

5on Healthgrades,Mar 09, 2019


Very professional and knowledgeable of his trade. I was very comfortable on my first visit and discussing options for weight loss.

5on Google,Mar 08, 2019


Would I recommend Dr. K , please in a Heart beat n yes I have done it already more than twice, Dr. K is such a great n caring Dr. Sorry be does not do other surgery like a breat lift but he is welcome to practice e n me any giving time, he really takes pride in his patient n fallow up closely to make sure everything is in good order God blessed n keep ur hands always Dr. K LOVE YAH.

0on Facebook,Mar 08, 2019

Melissa Hunt

Great physician and family staff.

5on Google,Mar 06, 2019

Frank Stuart

Fantastic experience. Dr. Kukreja was able to provide me a clear roadmap of options to determine my issues.

5on Google,Feb 27, 2019


Dr. K has done an amazing job in the care of my bariatric needs. I am very please with how he treats his patients and the hard work he puts in to make everyone happy

5on Google,Feb 17, 2019


Great Doctor 👍

5on Google,Feb 13, 2019


Aug 2015 HW 202 April 2016 SW 187 Feb 2019 CW 134 Such a wonderful encouragement of a Dr. your genuine care and concern at my lowest point is still heartfelt. Thank you 🙏🏽, you and your amazing 😉 team. Thank you again Dr. K

5on Healthgrades,Feb 13, 2019


Dr. Kukreja cares so much about his patients that he refers to me as a friend. He makes me feel like we are a team in this journey. His staff is always accommodating when I have needed them. Dr. Kukreja and his staff are very knowledgeable in their field and willing to answer any questions that have come up about my surgery. Although I changed my mind several times during this process, Dr. Kukreja never gave up on me. So glad I chose Dr. Kukreja and his team at Methodist Hospital in Dallas.

5on Realself,Feb 11, 2019


Wonderful experience! Looking for a surgeon I just wanted someone who did a lot of gastric sleeve procedures and did them well. I found that and so much more with Dr. Kukreja. Going through the process as I got to know him better, I realized he's not only a wonderfully proficient surgeon, he also genuinely cares about the well being of his patients and helping us find health and happiness. And if you're overweight like me then you know the judgement and resulting shame you can feel when interacting with some in the medical field. There's none of that at Dr. Kukreja's office. I came into my first appointment with a long list of questions which he patiently and cheerfully answered. Once I choose him for my procedure his office staff, who are wonderful, helped me navigate all the preliminary work. Melody was with me every step of the way, helping me with arrangements to see doctors, or schedule diagnostic tests so I could get the surgery done on my tight schedule. I had the procedure done July 2018 at City Hospital at White Rock, which went well. Everyone at the hospital was friendly and helpful. Surgery is never fun, but I felt well taken care of and had a quick recovery. I was up later that day walking the halls and other patients were like wow - look at you go - when was your surgery and when I said this morning they were always surprised. From everything I've read I've really had an optimal recovery and I'm so thankful to Dr. Kukreja for that! The surgery is truly a gift. A tool to help you make changes in your life you didn't think were possible. I'm so thankful I found Dr. Kukreja and began my journey to a healthier, happier me. So 6 months and 55lbs lighter, it's not the wearing smaller sizes that's the best part (though that is great:) it's the feeling better and having so much more energy! Thanks Dr. Kukreja & team!