Diet and exercise can improve kidney function in patients with fatty liver disease img

In a post hoc analysis of a large clinical trial, patients with biopsy-confirmed NASH who consumed a low-fat/low-calorie diet and participated in an exercise program often experienced reduced liver inflammation and scarring. Source: Science Daily | Read More

Obesity in adolescence may cause permanent bone loss img

Teenagers who are obese may be doing irreparable damage to their bones, according to a new study. Source: Science Daily | Read More

Fear of gaining weight may influence contraception choices img

Concerns about weight gain may be driving contraception choices, according to researchers. Source: Science Daily | Read More

Obesity Five surprising facts img

Obesity is on the rise worldwide, but researchers still don’t fully know why. We look at how weight gain sneaks up on us, if our genes are to blame after all, and why our parents leave us a lifelong legacy if they are obese. Source: Medical news today | Read More

Victims of childhood bullying more likely to be overweight as young adults img

Children who are bullied in primary and secondary school are nearly twice as likely to be overweight at the age of 18 than non-bullied children, according to a new study. Source: Science Daily | Read More

Skipping breakfast and not enough sleep can make children overweight img

Mothers smoking in pregnancy, children skipping breakfast and not having a regular bedtime or sufficient sleep all appear to be important factors in predicting whether a child will become overweight or obese, report investigators. Source: Science Daily | Read More

Adult weight gain could increase cancer risk img

Substantial weight gain over many years increases the risk of obesity-related cancers in men by 50 per cent and in women by almost 20 per cent, according to new research. Source: Science Daily | Read More

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