Full Diet Replacement Programs

A full diet replacement program is one of the fastest ways to lose weight while ensuring that you get all your essential nutrients and vitamins to keep you healthy and fit during the process. You lose weight quickly because all your meals are replaced with specially formulated shakes, bars, and soups. The program is designed for those who are significantly overweight or have weight-related medical conditions such as hypertension or diabetes. It is very easy to follow and can be incorporated into a busy schedule.

Initially, you will have a full physical checkup and a few tests to evaluate your health and develop a full diet replacement weight loss program that is ideally suited to your condition. You will essentially be on holiday from regular food. This effectively removes the opportunity to make poor food choices as you kick start your weight loss program. Depending on your metabolic needs, you will be instructed to eat several small meals to maintain your energy levels throughout the day.

The food you will take is usually high in protein, low in carbohydrates and has all the essential dietary requirements to maintain your muscle mass while curbing your appetite. Once you have achieved significant weight loss and are near your goal, you will be gradually transitioned back to regular healthy food and will be provided with a diet program to achieve and maintain your ideal weight. Dr. Sachin Kukreja will work closely with you providing you with all the necessary support and counseling to ensure the healthy eating habits you have learned become part of your new lifestyle.